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This is the new Character Development Document for use with all characters in the chronicle. By completing this document, you will earn 4 Experience Points that can only be spent on the Character used in this document, this does not count against the incremental maximum.  This document is designed to help the player and the Storytellers flesh out the character, filling in background and relevant character ties.  It may be completed only once per character, though players are encouraged to update this document as their character evolves across the chronicle.


In addition to answering the questions below, a full Character Sheet must be attached, along with a brief history summary – not to be in excess of five pages. This summary is to be in point form and must cover all the salient events in the Character’s past. Players are encouraged to expand upon this for their own satisfaction, and their Storyteller’s edification, but that is not required for this document. All the following questions are to be applied appropriate to the Genre in question.


Define the basic concept for your Character: how your character views him/herself and how they fit into the World of Darkness. Either way, the character concept sets the overall theme for how the character is played.


1.     What do you look like? (Include height, weight, hair, eyes, skin, apparent age, and distinguishing features)

2.     How does your Character dress? What props make your Character distinct? (Include any notable objects)

3.     What quirks does your Character have?

4.     What are your weaknesses and shortcomings? Any bad habits?

5.     What do you believe your greatest strength is?

6.     What sort of story are you trying to tell?

7.     The top five things you really would love to explore with this character ... be they themes or plots or situations or whatever.

8.     The top five things you really never ever want to touch with this character ... like rape or kidnapping or whatever.

9.     How does your character help to reinforce paradigm?  Does your character deviate from paradigm?  If so, how does this deviation add to the global chronicle?


This section deals with your interaction with life and your interaction with the world on a day to day basis.


1.     When and where were you born? Are there records of your Birth? These can include official documents, church records, monuments, etc. If so where is it recorded and for what date?

2.     Are you recorded dead somewhere?  If so, what is the type of record (church documents, gravestones, etc.). What is the date?

3.     Are you using your original identity?  If not, what is your current identity and how long have you used it for?

4.     What other aliases have you used in the past or currently? Are there personalities and lifestyles associated with the alias, if so please detail.

5.     Do you have any official photo identification?

6.     Are you or were you famous in mortal society?  If so, why?

7.     To what level has the character been educated? Where did this occur?

8.     Do you own a vehicle?  If so what?  Is it registered?  When does the registry expire?

9.     Do you have a police record?

Living Arrangements

1.     Where do you live / sleep? Where is this located? Please describe in detail.

2.     Do you share it?

3.     Does your residence have a phone (mobile or land)?  Power connected?  Cable TV?  If so, under what names are they?

4.     Do you take any precautions given that you are a supernatural creature?

5.     Do you have any additions that would look out of place to a normal mortal? (Altars, magical tools, goblin fruit, etc.)

Mundane Resources

1.     What is your source of income? Do you own a business(es), if so detail them.

2.     Do you have any Contacts?

3.     Do you have any Allies?

4.     Do you have any Retainers/Staff?


What are the goals and drives that keep your Character going and guide his/her actions? A Character with no motivation reacts rather than acts. Such Characters often bore Players because they spend the majority of game time waiting for something to happen to which they can react. Characters with motivation, on the other hand, are always working toward some objective; such characters often actively drive their own plots and help enrich the game for everyone. Consider this when answering the following section.

Persona Information

The following questions pertain to the motivations and rationales employed by your Character and the internal forces that drive it in the World of Darkness. The answers should provide the Storytellers with insight into the Character’s goals and objectives, and how these came to be.


1.     What does your Character hope to accomplish in the near future; why these particular goals?

2.     What are your Character’s long-term goals?

3.     What is the real reason the Character is in his/her current city? Apart from its where you live…

4.     What are your character's reason(s) to continue existing?  

5.     What most motivates your character to interact with other characters?

6.     What is your character willing to die for?

7.     Who are the most important people in your life and why?

8.     Does your Character hold a vengeance against something/someone? Who? What? Why?

9.     Intangible Debts – who do you owe, who owes you and what?



1.     What are your Character’s greatest joys and fears?

2.     What does your Character love, or hate, that stands out?

3.     Which emotions are the primary drives for your Character?

4.     What's the thing you're most afraid of?

5.     What was your worst dream?

6.     What was your best dream?

7.     What is your most prized mundane possession? Why do you value it so much?

8.     What is your Virtue and Vice (or genre-specific equivalent)? Why?


What has led to your Character thinking the way it does? What has it seen, heard and felt over the years. This does not only apply to Vampires, but all creatures. What events have transformed your Character? Draw from Real Life™ history, as well as the created World of Darkness and in-Game history to provide pivotal points in your Character’s existence. Answer the following questions, and attach your brief, point form, history.

Background Information

These questions ask you to focus on the events that have shaped your Character, be they mundane or supernatural. Be brief and concise with these answers, as the intent is to highlight the most important moments in your Character’s history and provide Storytellers with clearly defined events.


1.     What important events did you witness/participate in as a mortal? (include historical points of note)

2.     What important events did you witness/participate in as a supernatural? (include historical points of note)

3.     What historical figures or events have you influenced?

4.     What is your prime nationality, and what language do you speak?

5.     Who were your mortal family, friends and enemies?

6.     Was there anything unique about your childhood?

7.     What places in the world have you visited and when. What did you do? What did you enjoy about these places?

8.     Who, if anyone, knows any of your darker secrets? Whose secrets do you know?

9.     Have you lost any morality in your characters history and if so, how?

10.  Has your character ever been married?

11.  Does your character have any children?

12.  What one act in your past are you most ashamed of?

13.  What one act in your past are you most proud of?

14.  Do you have any hobbies?


What has the changes your Character undergone change their perspective? What has it seen, heard and felt over the years. What events and groups have transformed your Character? Draw your venues source books, as well as personal history and role play to provide pivotal highlights and details in your Character’s existence with the supernatural. Answer the following questions, and attach your brief, point form, history.


1.     What ties do you still have to the Mortal world and how do you manage those? (include your own Mortal life if applicable)

2.     What are your Touchstones (if any)?  How did you acquire them, and how do you handle them?

3.     If you have supernatural qualities, please describe how he or she avoids undue attention from ordinary people.

4.     How does your character view the Mortal world and its events?

5.     What makes/keeps you human?

6.     What supernaturals have you encountered? (Detail any Allies or Enemies)

7.     How do you feel about other supernatural creatures? (Please include, your own including subgroups, and other types)

8.     Have you ever broken your Genre’s codes (Traditions, etc.)?

9.     What faction/group does your character most feels a part of (Clan, Covenant, Bloodline, Lineage, Coterie, etc., or venue equivalent)? Why that group? How does your PC interact with that group?  How does his relationship to the group affect his/her dealings with other groups he/she is a part of?  (For example, if lineage is most important, how does this impact his/her views of clan and covenant?)


Beast: the Primordial

Becoming the Beast

1.   When did you first experience the Primordial Dream?  What was it like?

2.   When did you undergo the Devouring?  What happened?

Aspects of the Beast

3.   Describe your Horror.  How is it expressed through your Atavisms?

4.   Describe your Lair.

5.   What is your Hunger, and how do you sate it?


6.   Do you have Kinship with any particular other supernatural creatures?

7.   Do you have a history of interacting via your Kinship?  Are you known to them?

The Adversary

8.   Does a Hero hunt you?  Do you know this Hero?

9.   If so, have you battled with this Hero in the past?


Changeling: the Lost


1.   What was the most important promise you made before you were taken, and to whom did you make it? What about a promise someone else made to you, that you still remember?

2.   What promise was made to you while you were en route? Did you make deals with your kidnapper? Did anyone follow you into the Hedge as a fae-touched, clinging to a promise you left unfulfilled?

3.   What did you have to promise your Keeper to avoid punishment day to day? What promises did it make to you, only to seemingly break? What promises did you make to your fellow captives to plan your mutual escape, and vice versa?

4.   Who witnessed your escape and promised not to tell — or promised they would? Who came with you, swearing never to leave your side; who stayed behind but vowed to find you again someday? What debts do you owe for your freedom?

5.   What promise did your fetch break to someone you love? What promise did they uphold that you couldn’t, or never did? Or, if you don’t have a fetch, what promise to you did someone else break while you were gone? What promise did you break by your absence? Is there a fae-touched waiting for you somewhere, or still trapped in fae realms looking for you?

Arcadian Memories

6.   When were you Taken? When did you return? Did time pass the same in the Mortal Realm as it did in Arcadia?

7.   What was your Keeper’s Title like? Were they the terrain of your prison? A particular persona you interacted with? Or perhaps a particularly focal item?

8.   As you fled Arcadia, what memories did you leave behind? What parts of your Humanity were left among the Thorns to form Icons? What promises do you no longer remember?

9.   What does your Mien look like? How do your Seeming and Kith influence it’s appearance?

10  What does your Mask look like? How similar is it to your appearance pre-Durance?

11. When you returned to the Mortal Realm, how much time had passed for you and for them? How did you interact with your Fetch? With your family? With your loved ones?

12. What are your Needle and Thread and how do they shape your actions?


13. Are you a part of a Court? Why did you choose your Court, and how did you swear to it?

14. Are you a member of a Freehold? When did you join, and why did you swear to it?



Demon: the Descent

Cog in the Machine

1.   What purpose did you serve for the God-Machine?  What was your Incarnation?

2.   Why did the God-Machine send you to be among mortals?  What was your mission?

The Fall

3.   What brought you to self-awareness?

4.   Why did you come to question your mission, and what action did you take against it?

Rage Against the Machine

5.   What is your demonic form?  Describe it.

6.   What is your Agenda, and why?

7.   What are you true goals?  Are you part of a faction?


Hunter: the Vigil  2nd Edition

Introduction to the Unknown

1.   How did you find out that supernatural creatures walked the earth?

2.   What did you lose in that discovery?

The Vigil

3.   Have you joined a Compact or Conspiracy, or do you walk a lone Vigil? Why?

4.   By what method do you fight against the monsters?

5.   Are there certain monsters that are a particular focus for your character?  Are there creatures out there you ignore, or even work with?  Why?

6.   Are there tensions between you and other Hunters?  Who, and why?


Mage: the Awakening  2nd Edition

Waking Up

1.     When did you awaken? What was it like?

2.     What is your Nimbus like?

3.     What do you think about being Awakened?

Fitting in Somewhere

4.     What Path do you belong to? What is your relationship with your Path?

5.     What Order do you belong to? What is your relationship with your Order?

6.     Do you belong to any faction of your Order?

7.     What is your Cabal like if you have one? Who is in it? What is your focus?

8.     What is your Consilium like? What is your relationship to it?

Power at Hand

9.     What Arcana do you find the most useful?

10.  Are there any Arcana that you discourage the use of? (example: Mind is unethical, Death is just creepy)

11.  Do you have a magical tool? If so describe it?

12.  How do you obtain Mana?

13.  Do you have any magical items? If so what are they and how did you get them?

Difficult Questions

14.  Which is worse Hubris or Paradox?

Promethean: the Created 2nd Edition


1.   Who or what created you, and why?

2.   What were your first few days and weeks like after your creation?

3.   What Refinement did you find, and why?


4.   How has your Pilgrimage progressed so far?

5.   What Milestones have you encountered?

6.   What significant Wasteland incidents have you experienced, if any?


7.   Have you found a Throng?  What was it like?

8.   What Roles have you assumed?

9.   Have you encountered a Firestorm?


10. What if anything is your understanding of the Principle?

11. Have you created an Athanor?  Was it for yourself or for another Created?

12. What are your hopes for the New Dawn and what lies beyond?


Vampire: the Requiem  2nd Edition

Entrance to the Danse Macrabe

1.     Were/are you a ghoul?

2.     When and how were you embraced? Did you have a choice?

3.     Why did your sire choose to embrace you?

4.     How did the embrace change you?

5.     Have you ghouled or embraced anyone? If so, what is your relationship with them?

6.     What are your thoughts on the condition of kindred/ghouls and being one? Are you damned/cursed? Do the positives outweigh the negatives?

7.     If you could choose again would you make the same decision?

8.     How did your sire/regnant treat you?

9.     Do you live up to your Sire/regnants’s expectations or are you a disappointment?


10.  How do you feed on a regular basis?

11.  Do you have any particular requirements or limitations to feeding?


12.  Why did you choose your covenant?

13.  How does your covenant regard you?


14.  What is your Clan and what is your relationship with it?

15.  Have you joined a bloodline?  How did you do so?


16.  Do you have a coterie? If so describe who they are and how you met them.

Sins of society

17.  Have you ever broken the Traditions? Did you get away with it? Were you punished, and if so how and by whom?

18.  Have you ever committed Amaranth? Give details.


19.  Have you ever entered Torpor? if so describe when and where it happened, and for how long.

Werewolf: the Forsaken  2nd Edition

Joining the Hunt

1.     Are you – or were you -- Wolfblooded>? If so what was your life like?

2.     What was your first change like? When and where did it happen?

3.     What is your Auspice? How does this change your view on things?

4.     Are you something “other”

The People

4.     What Tribe did you join? What is your relationship with your Tribe?

You’re one of us

5.     Do you have a Pack? What are they like and  your role in it?

6.     Do you have a Totem? What is it like?

- END -